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Discover our collection of high-end leather garments for women. At YVES SALOMON, we place great importance on the quality of the materials used, as well as on the finishes of our products. Whether you're looking for a women's leather jacket, women's leather pants, women's leather skirt, women's leather trench or women's leather shirt, our selection will meet all your desires.

Yves Salomon leather products

Women's leather jacket

The women's leather jacket is a must in any woman's wardrobe. At YVES SALOMON, we offer high-end leather jackets, designed in top quality cowhide or lamb leather, with matte leather or patent leather finishes. Available in a variety of colors and styles, our women's leather jackets are the perfect choice for a chic and elegant outfit, whatever the season. Discover our selection of women's jackets.

Women's leather perfecto

The women's leather perfecto is a timeless classic. With its rock and sophisticated look, it brings a touch of character to any outfit. At YVES SALOMON, we offer perfectos in cowhide or lambskin of the highest quality. True timeless of the modern wardrobe, our luxurious leather jackets are available in different cuts and colors, our women's leather perfectos are a must-have for all styles. The perfecto can also be added under a coat in winter. A game of trendy and luxurious overlays, for an extra comfortable and insulating layer while asserting your style.

Women's leather pants

The women's leather pants are a bold choice for an elegant and sophisticated outfit, for a perfect balance between luxury and comfort. At YVES SALOMON, we offer pants in cowhide or lamb leather lined with cashmere for optimal high-end comfort. Available in slim, jogging, cargo or straight cuts, our women's leather trousers are an undeniable style choice.

Women's leather skirt

A feminine piece par excellence, the flared skirt is adorned with leather and achieves a perfect blend of fluid cut and second-skin material. Discover our selection of skirts for women.

Women's leather trench coat

: The women's leather trench coat is a timeless classic that can be worn for all occasions. At YVES SALOMON, we offer trench coats in top quality cowhide or lambskin, supple and light, it's the perfect mid-season companion, like modern armor for city life.

Women's leather shirt

: The women's leather shirt is a bold and luxurious fashion piece that brings a touch of sophistication to your outfit. At YVES SALOMON, we offer top quality cowhide or lamb leather shirts, available in a variety of colors and styles. Combined with trousers or a leather skirt, they create a bold and refined outfit for the day. Accessorized, the leather shirt becomes an essential part of the evening wardrobe.

Leather accessories

At YVES SALOMON, we also offer a selection of leather accessories to complete your outfit. All of our accessories have been designed by our style office to match all of our coats, down jackets and parkas, so to perfect your YVES SALOMON look. Discover our selection of leather gloves, leather belt, leather cap, leather phone holder, leather newsboy and leather shoes.

Leather clothing care

At YVES SALOMON, we only use premium leathers to create durable and timeless garments. To preserve the beauty of your leather and patent leather garments, we recommend that you use leather care products, suitable for the type of leather used. For any cleaning, please seek advice from a leather and skins specialist.

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