Our services                  

Discover Yves Salomon's complimentary services, available to all clients. From summer storage to repair and alterations, our services meet all your needs.
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Summer storage          

The summer storage includes a refreshment of the fur before it is put into a cold environment. Our service includes the pick up of your fur, the quality check and the return of your fur at home.
We can keep your furs during a full year.
This service is complimentary within the year following your purchase.
After a year, we will estimate the price of the storage.
Please note: this concerns only Yves Salomon main collection pieces (we do not store Army, kids or men pieces)


Repair and modifications          

Our workshop can give a second life to your old furs thanks to its craftsmanship and its expertise.
They can be repaired or modified to satisfy the new wishes or trends.
We offer a complimentary alteration service within a year of purchase for basic alterations.
This service is available in our store located on 36 rue du faubourg St Honoré in Paris - France. You can book an appointment with our alteration service on +33 1 45 22 04 70 Monday through Friday, 10:30am to 7:30pm CET
All alterations after the first year will be chargeable.


Creation of made to order articles       

Our workshops create entirely customised Yves Salomon products, such as coats, parkas or jackets in the fur or colour of your choice.
The creation of a made to order piece may take between 6 to 8 weeks.
Available in our store located on 36 rue du faubourg St Honoré in Paris - France. You can contact our atelier to book an appointment: +33 1 45 22 04 70 Monday through Friday, 10:30am to 7:30pm CET, our advisors will coordinate the creation of your exclusive piece.


Some precautions to preserve the beauty of your fur 

When storing your fur, make sure to use a cotton cloth bag rather than a plastic bag, which may cut off its air supply.

Avoid prolonged exposure to heat sources such as sunlight, direct light and radiators. Instead, make sure to store it in the coolest, darkest place available.

If your fur gets wet in the rain or snow, leave it to air dry.

Never use a hair dryer or iron. Avoid bringing perfume or lacquer in direct contact with your fur.

Always use a specialist to clean your fur and avoid traditional dry cleaning, which may damage it.