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Values Yves Salomon

Know-how, rooted in exceptional ethic and commitment

Strengthened by a century of expertise, Maison Yves Salomon prides itself in its strong commitment to the animal cause.

Not only are quality, ethical sourcing and ecological production integral to our clients, but they are, above all, the key drivers behind the evolution of the Maison.

Sustainability Yves Salomon
Values Yves Salomon

Responsibility and sustainability

Maison Yves Salomon House collaborates closely with the largest fur suppliers in the world, including Saga Furs, Kopenhagen Fur (Scandinavia) and NAFA (Canada).

It is integral that each affiliate follows strict policy regarding the skins’ origins and undergoes extremely strict regular inspection by independent organizations to verify optimal living conditions at the farms.

The wild furs used by the House (5%) are controlled by government agencies of their respective countries (Russia, Canada) in order to validate the ethics of the capture and control the preservation of the species.

Values Yves Salomon

Irrefutable commitment to quality

Values Yves Salomon

Precision and ethics at the core

The future is sustainable

PIECES by Andre Walker is a collaboration born from a mutual yearning between the New York-born designer and Yves Salomon for both sustainability and encouraging creative processes.

Re-using, re-cycling and re-creating are the mottos here. “If I had to choose between recycling biodegradable or non-biodegradable products, I would choose the first”, Walker says. “This eco-encouragement is integral to a positive effect on the Earth”. By collaborating with minds such as Andre Walker, the Maison Yves Salomon reinforces its desire to embrace invention and innovation in all spheres.