PIECES stems from an observation. In a world where our needs are vastly different from those of our predecessors and where overconsumption poses a global problem, our entire relationship with fur needs to be reevaluated.

Pieces collection by Yves Salomon - upcycling fur

Each fur has something exceptional to offer. Each fur is a precious luxury product that, when handled with great care, can be passed on from generation to generation. And yet, as trends bypass one another with lightning speed, fur styles go out of fashion and become neglected. These furs are in perfect condition and result from a long artisanal process. So why not reuse them, instead of constantly rebooting the production circuit? This is why we made the decision to rationalize production by creating PIECES.


PIECES offers patchwork fur coats that are made from unused fur pieces and unsold furs. Some of them are used, yet always in perfect condition. Certain pieces are unique, others are available exclusively through custom order.