PIECES by Andre Walker

In a world where our needs are vastly different from those of our predecessors and where overconsumption poses a global problem, our entire relationship with raw materials needs to be reevaluated.

PIECES reutilizes unused and unsold furs that are in perfect condition and result from a long artisanal process, and that would not be used otherwise. Fur coats are often passed from generation to generation, adding to the material a profound sense of continuity that is thoroughly taken into account with PIECES.

PIECES by Andre Walker is a collaboration born from a mutual yearning between the New York-born designer and Yves Salomon for both sustainability and encouraging creative processes.

Re-using, re-cycling and re-creating are the mottos here. “If I had to choose between recycling biodegradable or non-biodegradable products, I would choose the first”, Walker says. “This eco-encouragement is integral to a positive effect on the Earth”. By collaborating with minds such as Andre Walker, the Maison Yves Salomon reinforces its desire to embrace invention and innovation in all spheres.

Twisting the use of fur, Andre Walker creates ready-to-wear almost entirely with the material.

Transparency plays is key, with portions of organza and chiffon unveiling hidden parts of the garments.